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Premiering every third Friday following Mark Sherry's "Outburst" on AH.FM.  

Tune in for the very best in underground tech trance, psytrance & progressive house.  

AH.FM, Afterhours, Jonathan Allyn

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Subterranean Track of the Month

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Subterranean (089) February 2017
1) Pamuya (Suduaya Remix)- E-Mov / Dacru Records
2) Aztec Contact (Remix) - Pulsar, Vimana / EDM Records
3) What Is Real (Spectra Sonics Remix) - Sinerider, Ital, Neuroplasm / 24/7 Records
4) Technological Singularity (Original Mix)- Daniel Lesden / Digital Om
5) Kundaluna (Original Mix) - Vimana / Spiral Trax
6) Plasma Light (Imaginarium Remix) - Etnica, Pleiadians / BMSS Records
7) Instinct (E-Mov Remix) - Digicult / Dacru Records
8) Psychedelic Tools (Original Mix) - X-NoiZe, Conwerter, Tom. / C X7M Records
9) Evolution (DigiCult Remix) - Man With No Name / Dacru Records
10) Sacred Space (Original Mix) - Daniel Lesden, Audiofire (UK) / Digital Om
11) Requiem to a Dream (Largo Version) - Microlin / Yellow Sunshine Explosion


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